Take Your Business Out of Pandemic Storm With These Social Media Marketing Tips

The world as we now see has changed a lot. With hundreds of businesses shut down and millions of people working from home, the coronavirus has brought the adversity to the world. And like it is said with adversity come opportunities, therefore, there are a large number of businesses that adopted the changes that came with pandemic to make sure their business stand the ground. One such big change that was adopted quickly by the business was social media marketing.

Millions of people staying at home was an evident clue to a surge in social media usage. What do you expect from a generation that takes out plenty of time from their hectic routines to remain available online for the digital world? And now that the world itself has forced people to find their peace and sanity online in times when the real world is going through a diet of its own, social media usage has increased more than ever.

Not only are people scrolling through their newsfeed for endless hours but businesses are making online purchases and delivery easy. Online consumers are stuffing their cart more frequently.

Therefore, in such times, there is nothing more favorable for business but to have a firm hand on social media marketing and tactics. Without being acquainted to being online for their customer, businesses are going to lose a good chunk of their customers that are now dwelling online due to pandemic restrictions. This means that businesses should be well equipped to maintain a social media presence online.

Apart from learning the marketing tactics, the business should have a marketing team with high-speed internet service in their homes. For this matter, high-speed internet service providers like Cox Internet is one that businesses should count on for reliable and affordable service. The Windstream Internet are making business operations easier from home for many employees and employers since the lockdowns started in the United States.

Now that we know which internet service would suit best for taking business social media marketing to new heights it’s time to learn some useful tips:

Collaboration with Brands and Influencers

Before the coronavirus days, the digital market had an insensitive mindset, where the newbies had no chance of achieving the limelight. This was because the social media world has now become the hub of all business. Those with authority in the physical market place are now claiming to be the king of the social media kingdom. And in this race to become the most loved brand on the internet, the competition gets tougher for new businesses making their way to the social media world.

However, this mindset has started taking a step back since the coronavirus outbreak. If you too want to achieve something good out of social media, you need to do this together. Having the perspective of working with other brands and influencers will bring out the best version of your brand. Also with the unity comes power, which means that you might end up earning the attention by combining your business marketing with your competing businesses or influencers online.

Increase Conversion not just Followers

Having a big chunk of social media followers, especially more than what other businesses have, can be a delightful moment. However, you have a high number of followers but they are not converting into your customers, they are insignificant for you.

This signifies that even if you have a large engagement on your social media profile but you are still unable to send that traffic to your business website then you are not doing anything good for your business.

One of the easier ways to achieve more customers is by making sure you are fully using your social media profiles for this purpose. You should start a product giveaway contest on your social media profiles and add instruction that makes the social media followers click on the link of your website and enter their email address.

Having an email database of your followers is a great way to convert them into customers. You can later use the email database to notify your customers about your offers and deals and convert them into customers.

Giveaways for Brand Awareness

Brand awareness comes with steps that make a brand reach your target audiences’ newsfeed. In addition, to do so you need to have a giveaway game going on your social media profiles.

Instruct yours followers to enter the contest by clicking on the link, tag three or more of their friends they would love to share the price with or put the post on their social media story.

This way you can increase the engagement of your brand profile on social media by marketing it through your followers and customers.


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